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In 1991, the Mayor of Bolivar, Missouri called a group of concerned citizens together to discuss the problem of stray and abandoned cats and dogs in the area. This meeting resulted in the creation of Polk County Humane Society (PCHS) on August 13, 1991.


In 1996, Polk County Humane Society raised funds through events and donations, along with a grant from the Margarite Doe Foundation to construct an addition to and improve the shelter facility.


In 2001, PCHS began utilizing PetSmart adoption events so rural Polk County dogs and cats can have more adoption opportunities in the greater Springfield area.


On December 1, 2006, Going to the Dogs resale shop was opened to aid in raising funds for PCHS. This store took donations of household items from the community for resale; all proceeds going to feed and care for the animals. In 2007, PCHS took steps to create a new no-kill shelter facility that would better serve the community.


On October 1, 2010, PCHS opened the doors to the new Shelter, capable of housing 40 dogs, 16 puppies and 20 cats. To assure the success of the new shelter, PCHS closed the thrift store and focused efforts solely on the shelter in early 2011.


Since the shelter opened in 2010, PCHS has averaged 400-500 adoptions per year. Our staff size remains the same, but our team of volunteers continues to grow. 

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